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My name is Sandy and I purchased a Kitten (pictured above and below) from SundancerPersians & Himalayans on March 18, 2011. The kitten I
purchased is a male persian/himalayan who is all white with the most incredible ice blue eyes. Not only is he the most
adorable kitten I have seen on line after visiting many sites, but he has the most wonderful tempermant of any cat I
previously owned, or have been around. Further, through corresponding with the owners of the website, it was com-
pletely evident to me that they are not like typical breeders. They are more caring, and one can tell that their cats and 
kittens well-being is very important to them. I could tell that they are not just in it for the financial gain. I highly 
recommend this breeder to anyone who is interested in purchasing a kitten on-line. It was also great to see the kitten
of your choice on-line at several different stages until I was able to take him home. 

Sandy from Delaware :)

Bella - Happily owned by the Bailey Family
Blue - Cream Female

Flurry - Blue Eyed White Male​
Hello Again!
Bean is doing so wonderfully! I've taken him to the shop and he loves it! Everyone that walks in falls in love with him, he always says hi! He has been comfortable here since the first day! The dogs will be barking and the dryers will be on and Bean is just sleeping away in one of the chairs! I just love him so much! He got 2 baths and he was so good for them! He just lets us do everything, he has a look on his face that he doesn't like it, but he is such a brave little boy! You were right, he hisses at the dogs! Haha! But it's so funny because he gets up real close, and then if they look at him he hisses! He is fine with them though after they are here awhile! He is loving his cat tree! I have it in the corner for him! He likes to play with all of his toys and his favorite are the mice and the scratching post! He likes to nap in the chairs or in my sweatshirt! He is so sweet! He loves to play, nap, and be petted! He adds so much happiness to my life and I thank you so much for brining such a wonderful kitten into this world! I can't imagine my life without him now! My only problem is I'd rather play with Bean than groom dogs!! I hope everything is well with you.
Take Care,
Kaitlin                                                  BEAN
Hi Meghan

We been in Oshkosh, WI for a few days now. And my grandmother loves Sashay. She was well behaved on the 2 flights and let everyone pet and hold her in the airport. She did have a few accidents, I cleaned her up the best I could between flights until we arrived to my house where I gave her a bath. I was shocked to find out that she is somewhat calm with water. With our last Persian, it was World War 3 if a bath was ever needed, and we never won that war. Once we got my house she was very playful and explored her new surroundings. She sleeps through the night and isn't verbal at all unless she is left alone.. We found that when we both left to go to the store buy her a few toys. We could hear her crying from outside of our house. She's a joy to have, shes either playing on the steps, running and jumping around, playing with her toys, sleeping, or simply laying down on something soft while we watch t.v, use the computer, iPad, etc.

Thanks again
-Erick & Patricia Womack

Photos of Sashay
Zoey - White Female. Happily Owned By Shannon in PA 
Ariel - Blue Cream Female. Happily Owned By Tamara in PA 
Kiki AKA Mickey - White Male. Happily Owned By Madelyn in PA 
Nyla- Seal & White Himalayan Female. Happily Owned By Lois in PA 
Sanibell- Blue Cream Point Himalayan Female. Happily Owned By Lynne in PA 
Crystal- Flame Lynx Point Himalayan Female. Happily Owned By Rhonda in PA 
Podge- Seal Lynx Point Himalayan Female. Happily Owned By Kate in NC
Ollie- Black Persian Male. Happily Owned By Megan in PA
Jacoby- Brown Tabby Persian. Happily Owned By Traci in PA.
Peter Cream Lynx Point Himalayan - Happily Owned By Diane and family in PA.
Seal Lynx Himalayan and a Odd eyed White - happy brothers! - Happily Owned By Michelle and family in PA.